The most unpredictable moments in Celtics' history

The Boston Celtics are one of the top franchises in NBA history. They have a record of over 15 championships and can be deemed one of the most successful franchises in the NBA to date. However, even with this trail of success, this franchise has also had its share of unpredictable moments.

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Knowing this, here are a few of the most unpredictable moments in Celtics history.

Best Comeback in the History of the NBA

During game 3 of the 2002 Eastern Conference Finals, the Celtics were losing by 21 points in the fourth quarter. However, the team was able to turn it around and win the game, pushing them ahead 2-1 in the series. This comeback was one of the hardest ever in the history of the NBA. Paul Pierce remarkably helped the team with 19 points during this quarter.

Free-Throw Bounce by Paul Pierce

This was an unpredictable bounce that nobody expected. In the Eastern Conference Finals of 2009, Paul Pierce took a free throw that hit the rim, only for it to bounce right up and land into the basket. This was the second free throw out of two and helped the Boston Celtics win the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 7.

Rivers Leaves for L.A

Doc Rivers stayed for nine seasons in Bolton Celtics and decided to leave for L.A in 2013. This was a major blow to the Celtics team, with Danny Ainge stating that he planned that Doc would remain the team's coach.

Lenny Bias Dies

Lenny Bias was a top player with the skill of many players rolled into one. This forward was tagged as one of the top young prospects of his time, following a celebrated career in Maryland. In 1986, he was selected second overall by the Celtics, who just came off another championship. Many people believed that Bias would take over from Bird in a few years. However, Bias lost his life roughly two days after being drafted. He died from a cocaine overdose and never even had the opportunity to meet his other teammates. To date, it is still one of the most tragic and unpredictable moments in the history of the franchise.

Paul Pierce Makes a Comeback in Game 1

During Game 1 of the 2008 NBA finals against the Lakers, Paul Pierce was taken off the court in a wheelchair. This looked like it was his last game in the NBA finals. But in an unexpected turn of events, Pierce would return and shoot multiple three-pointers that greatly helped the team win the NBA Championship for the 17th time!

Havlicek Steals the Ball

With only 5 seconds remaining in the matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers, John Havlicek managed to steal the ball during an inbound play. This helped the Celtics win by a single point of 110-109 and find their way to the 1965 NBA finals. To date, this steal is characterized as one of the most unpredictable and memorable moments in Celtic and NBA history.

Celtics Get a Comeback Against the Lakers

The Celtics were losing by 24 points in the second half against the Lakers. It seemed that the Lakers made every shot while the Celtics seemed to hit the rim for every shot they took. However, after halftime, Celtics got back its spark and managed to take the lead and win the game. This was pivotal to them winning the 2008 NBA Championship.

The Magic Johnson’s Winning Hook

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird had a very intense rivalry noted among fans. Even though they were good friends off the court, on the court, they were rivals. Both played for the Lakers and Celtics respectively. However, the '80s was the decade that this rivalry reached its peak. During the match up in the finals, the Celtics were losing 2-0 and managed to stretch the series to Game 6 after they won Games 3 and 5. However, Magic Johnson made a game-winning hook shot in an unpredictable turn of events! There were seconds to the end of the game, and the result was the Lakers winning the championship over their nemesis for the first time.


There you have it, some of the most unpredictable moments in the Boston Celtics that nobody could have seen coming.