MBTA Red Line brawl following Celtics loss unlikely to be featured in Boston tourism videos

If you thought the Celtics play of late has been a tough sight to see, this video of teenagers following last night's loss was even uglier. I hate mob mentality. People see many others doing something stupid (in this case hitting people), which normalizes it, and then they moronically join in.

Not many people available to break up the brawl or deescalate things because of course they are too busy filming right?

Boston Herald:

The owner of the video clips, who wished to remain anonymous, indicated the fight broke around 11 p.m. following the Celtics’ loss to the San Antonio Spurs at TD Garden, but said it was unclear what provoked the violence among fans.

At one point, a person boarded the train with a boombox blaring music and that heightened the atmosphere inside the train, the source said.

Hopefully the Celtics can bounce back with a win tonight and no one brings any loud boomboxes on the T after the game. 2022 off to an interesting start.