Video: Scalabrine on whether the new NBA Wilson ball is leading to shooting woes

Brian Scalabrine put on his investigative hat (and sneakers) and tested out the new NBA Wilson ball and how it compared to the old and standard Spaulding ball of what seems like forever. The NBA of course switched balls this season.

Some people have blamed the new ball for some shooting woes this year, like for example our very own Jayson Tatum's. But if the ball was an issue it would be across the board in the NBA, and not just one for certain players. No the Wilson ball isn't the culprit for Tatum. And Scalabrine actually ends up much preferring the new ball.

I wonder if the NBA provided all of its players with some new Wilson balls to practice with this past offseason. If not, and they weren't introduced to the new ball until training camp, well then that was a foolish oversight.

Tatum will get over his shooting woes soon enough. We've seen this before with players like Kemba Walker and Ray Allen in Boston. Players go through slumps. And then they get past them. You don't just forget how to shoot.