Video: Isaiah Thomas talks mutual love with Boston and just needing one more chance

Shams Charania interviewed Isaiah Thomas prior to his debut in the G League Showcase. Thomas says he would have signed with the Lakers if not for Rajon Rondo becoming available following the Clippers and Grizzlies trade. Isaiah still seems bitter about Danny Ainge trading him when he was hurt. Regarding Boston he waxes poetic about the love affair that blossomed between the city and him during his time here. Thomas claims its night and day with his hip and he just needs a shot. While IT says he's humble and will take any role, he also claims he'd like a chance to still show he can perform at the elite level he was at while playing for the Celtics.

With all due respect, NBA talent evaluators obviously don't think Thomas is back to that level, otherwise he'd be starting on one of their 30 teams right now. Also it should be noted that Thomas had a rather unique situation on the Celtics where he was the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd option, surrounded by role players like Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, and Kelly Olynyk. A small offensive guard can thrive in that situation. Think Kemba Walker in Charlotte or Allen Iverson with the 76ers. But those players tend to struggle when removed from that ideal situation.

Isaiah says he loves the game of basketball and trust me I 100% believe that. It's part of the reason we loved him on the Celtics. His love for the game is so genuine. But he's claimed to be 100% healthy and night and day better for some years now and I feel like he's wasting prime years by just limiting himself to the NBA. He could be leading teams to championships overseas.

Overseas he'd get to be the #1 option on a team and do what he does best. Maybe he will eventually go that route. Or it's possible he doesn't want to be that far away from his family. Here's hoping he gets not only another shot in the NBA, but it ends up a good long term fit.