Did LeBron James just compare COVID to the common cold?

In a Christmas Eve Instagram post that I'm sure will make the "COVID is a hoax!" crowd very pleased, LeBron James just questioned the difference between COVID, the flu, and a cold. And one wonders why the Black community in the U.S. has disproportionately lost more lives to COVID the past two years?

Here you have LeBron who very well may have the loudest voice in the room to encourage people to get vaccinated and do everything possible to protect our most vulnerable, and he not only hasn't attempted that, but is here promoting this nonsense that COVID is just the flu or a cold.

Wonder how Karl Anothony-Towns feels about this LeBron Instagram post? Or everyone else who has either lost loved ones or dealing with long term COVID? Please don't look to LeBron James for advice on anything.

The current death count of Americans who have died of COVID is over 835,000.

Here is a real leader in contrast, the great Bill Russell: