Video: Jalen & Jacoby discuss whether Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are a redundant duo

Jalen Rose has never been a fan of Boston. He grew up rooting for the Bad Boy Pistons. And he has his facts messed up here. It was the lottery pick that Boston traded with Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie Irving that really hurt. Add a Shae Gilgeous-Alexander to the Jay's and your young new Big 3 is complete. Plus he doesn't mention Hayward's horrific injury and departure nor Terry Rozier's.

The one thing that Jalen gets right is that it's going to come down to who the Celtics put around the Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown that will determine their success. Can Time Lord be counted on to match up against the elite big men (or to be healthy) is a big question. Jalen and Jacoby compare the Jay's to the Clippers two star wings Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, but I'd argue that many successful teams have two wings or a guard and a wing as their main guys.

I don't think the Lakers won the title because Anthony Davis was a big who complimented LeBron James the wing. It was because he was an All-NBA player. Same goes for Wade and Kyrie in other LeBron' titles. Curry, Klay, and Durant were all guards/wings and they worked together.

So the issue isn't whether the Jay's work together, it's how good both can become. And can Brad add the big that these other teams had as a 3rd or 4th guy like Bosh, Love, and Draymond. Or again will Time Lord become that guy? Jayson and Jaylen are fine together. Trading Jaylen doesn't make sense. The key remains finding that third guy.