Video: Are you concerned about the Celtics embarrassing first two home games?

Through five games, the Celtics have been rather Jeckyll and Hyde. They've put forth effort during their three road games, which resulted in two wins and an double overtime loss. After each of their two home games, new head coach Ime Udoka has called the team out for lack of effort and focus.

I think the fact that both of those poor effort/focus games have been at home is only a coincidence. But to me the issue is that the Celtics who had a reputation of being inconsistent and not giving their all every night last season, have a new coach and the same problem is rearing its ugly head.

I thought people claimed that Brad Stevens was the issue? Anyway, Chris Mannix and the crew give their two cents on the Celtics "red flags" in the above video.

What's your take?