About the best win-win strategies in basketball betting

Basketball is one of the ten most popular sports in the world. Over 825 million fans watch their favorite teams play each year. Many of them play themed games on leading online gambling platform, while others bet on basketball and win. However, luck will not always be on your side, and therefore you need to stick to your chosen betting strategy to gain constant profit in the long run. How to learn to control the bank, play by strategy, and not give in to emotions, we will tell you today in this article. We've collected basketball betting tips from betting experts and we'll share them below.

Basketball Rules Important for Successful Betting

There are two versions of basketball rules: the FIBA and the NBA. The basic general rules:

• Games are played by two teams. Five men on the floor at the baseline, plus substitute players. The number of substitutions during a game is unlimited;

  • • The game consists of four quarters and overtime if the main time is tied;
  • • The teams score points in different ways: three points for shooting from long range (behind the three-point line), two points for shooting from inside of the arc (two-point zone), and one point for accuracy on the free throw.
  • • The significant difference between the rules is time - the NBA plays 12-minute quarters and the FIBA 10-minute quarter. In America, the three-point arc is further away than in Europe. In the NBA, free throws are awarded after any defensive foul when the team has picked up 6 fouls, while under FIBA rules it's 5.

    Top Basic Betting Strategy Nuances

    In the NBA regular season, each team plays 82 games. In Europe, the frequency of games is at a similar level, considering national leagues and international cups. Make sure you gather up-to-date statistics on the upcoming event.

    Important Factors for Analysis:

    Place in the standings. Determined based on the ratio of wins to losses. The higher the team, the stronger.

  • Results of personal duels. If you look at the last meetings between the teams and compare the results, you can understand what teams are approximately capable of in a face-to-face battle.
  • The results of the last 5-10 matches against other teams. Gives insight into the form of the teams.
  • Percentage of wins/losses at home/away. Used to analyze teams' chances in-home or away conditions.

    Additional Information:

    •Tournament motivation (chances of making the playoffs, possible "bleeding" of the game for high draft chances). •Roster problems (disqualifications, injuries).

    • Team fatigue (workload in the last period).

  • • Non-sports component (deterioration/improvement of franchise funding, rotations in club management).
  • • Individual goals of top players (contract year, race for personal prizes, feud with specific opponents).
  • • Coaching "playbooks".

    Depending on the importance of the upcoming event, bookmakers offer wide spreads and not so wide spreads, but you will definitely find the following betting :

    • On the outcome of the match (P1, P2);

    • On the total (TM, TB);

  • • On individual team totals (ITB1, ITM2);
  • • On handicaps (F1, F2).

    In the NBA, Euroleague, and other major leagues betting lines open markets for half of the match and each quarter separately.

    Betting on “Total More, Total Less” Based on Statistics

    Most strategies using total work well based on accurate numbers. There are plenty of resources dedicated to the study of basketball statistics. When predicting totals, consider the factors outlined in the "Important Nuances on Betting Strategy" section. They all affect the total, but here let's look at the specific ones.

    An average number of points. Determined by dividing the sum of all points scored in the season by the total number of matches played.

  • Points per possession. For example, if one hundred points are scored in one hundred possessions, there is one point per possession. Depending on what philosophy the opponent practices (spends all 24 seconds to attack or is limited to a minimum of 8 seconds), you can predict how many possessions will fall on a team. Then multiply that by the average number of points per possession to get the value you want.

  • Prediction on the opponent's choice of tactics. It is important to study the relationship between the teams, as they may choose a defensive or offensive model of play specifically for the opponent.

    How to Bet with the Humpty Dumpty System

    According to the principle of catch-up, bet on the outcome you expect in the quarter. P1 in the first quarter did not happen - bet on P1 in the second, and so on. But bet if there are several prerequisites:

  • • In the last five meetings there was not such that in each quarter won only one team;
  • • The odds on the favorite are around 5.5 or 6.5 and a half, no more.
  • • The underdog should not have a heavy schedule (away series, back-to-back games, etc.).
  • • Betting on the underdog to win the quarter
  • • Even in games with a clear favorite, when the odds of winning are small (1.1-1.2), the underdog can pull out one and sometimes two quarters. If you have enough patience, apply this knowledge. It is unnecessary to use the overtake, as they give high quotes on the victory of the underdog in the quarter.

    Individual Total Basketball Strategy

    According to analysts, it is good to bet on the average total of a particular team ± 4 points, depending on its form and the strength of the opponent.

    Betting on the Outcome With a Handicap

    It is not worth betting on small handicaps near ± three and a half points (equal), it is perilous. In such bets makes sense if you are confident in the victory of the favorite and want to increase the odds. Or you think the bookmaker has made an incorrect value of the quotation.

    Professionals recommend choosing handicaps of -8.5 when a favorite practicing three-point basketball is playing.

    The Corridor in Basketball

    The essence of the strategy: make two bets - either on the total (one for TB, the other for TM) or the handicap (with plus and minus). This creates a corridor of a few points that will suit the player. It is better to choose such corridors after analyzing the lines of several offices. The difference in totals and handicaps between them can be up to five points on the same outcome with equal quotes. This does not happen often, so do not miss your chance to get, in fact, free money without risk.