Knicks sign Evan Fournier; Daniel Theis lands in Houston

Evan Fournier got the money bag he was hoping for by agreeing to a 4 year contract with the Knicks for a total of $78 million. In free agency it only takes one team, and whether it was $65,$70 or $78 million, the Celtics weren't going to match that number.

Whether you like it or not, Brad Stevens and the Celtics have prioritized cap space for the summer of 2021-22. That means anyone they sign this year is going to just get a one year guaranteed deal, or Boston has to be confident that it's a team friendly multiyear deal that they could easily move if necessary.

The Rockets were able to land the man the Celtics traded for luxury tax reasons in order to add Fournier and his salary at the trade deadline, Daniel Theis. Happy to see Theis get a long term deal and seems like a solid get for the Rockets.

The final Gordon Hayward trade tally ends up like this:

Boston trades: Gordon Hayward, Daniel Theis, Moses Brown, and four 2nd rounders.

Boston receives: Josh Richardson.