3 trades for the Boston Celtics that should not be missed

The NBA off-season was already a whirlwind for the Boston Celtics, with more moves on the horizon. After being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, Danny Ainge resigned as president of basketball operations. Brad Stevens is named deputy, creating a vacancy for the head coach.

The Celtics have already conducted coaching interviews and there are candidates they will get to know more intensively in the future. With front office traffic, Boston wasted no time leaving Kemba Walker. During the playoffs, Walker was traded in a rare trade for the Oklahoma City Thunder, along with Boston's first round of 2021 and second round of 2025.

In return, the Celtics received Al Horford, Moses Brown and 2023 a second round election. Given that Boston has to include a first-round election to get rid of Walker, it shows that a seasoned goal scorer didn't have a huge market. Players betting on the outcome, can use the bet365 bonus code to increase their credit and winning chances.

Malcolm Brogdon

After switching to the Walker trade, what the Boston Celtics need most is a point-back who works well with Tatum and Brown. Walker wasn't a bad player for Boston, but he never seemed fit for the Celtics as everyone was there to make the ball effective in most games. With Tatum and Brown around, being a person like Walker never made much sense.

Should the starting place with the starting place be vacant, the Celtics should contact the Indiana Pacers about a possible takeover of Malcolm Brogdon. The Pacers are facing an interesting off-season with a team racing Nate Bjorkgren just a year after their next head coach was appointed.

Indiana needs to figure out who wants to be part of such a group, including Malcolm Brogdon, Caris LeVert, TJ Warren, Domantas Sabonis, and Myles Turner.

Seeing the team transfer to LeVert is one of the safest decisions to stay with the team for the next season. In that case Brogdon could be made available at a reasonable price. The Celtics could offer Marcus Smart and more for Brogdon, so the Pacers could put up a bilateral guard in place of Brogdon.

As for Boston, Brogdon stands out for his ability to catch and shoot Tatum and Brown's ball. Malcolm Brogdon in particular would immediately give the Celtics the impetus they need to defend themselves.

CJ McCollum

On the other end of the spectrum, the Boston Celtics might decide the whole thing is a player that makes them even more deadly at the end of the attack. The sight of Tatum and Brown turned into spectacular players in attack, and both chains improved on the defensive end of the field as well. But with Boston having their first scorer, the Portland Trail Blazers could make an interesting team.

For anyone with some fans in mind, CJ McCollum is a three-tier scorer who could be the perfect addition to a competitor's racing team this off-season - including the Celtics. Throughout his career, McCollum has demonstrated his ability to act as a shooter when handling the ball. He would also provide Boston with a player to utilize with the banking unit as the team does not have a point defender.

One possible deal with McCollum would be Marcus Smart, Aaron Nesmith, Tristan Thompson, and more. Forming a trio of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and CJ McCollum would be a fantastic start for Stevens as CEO.

Bradley Beal

All teams are watching the Washington Wizards' precarious position this off-season and opt for a celebratory Scott Brooks kick. With the Wizards dropping out of the playoffs once again, could this be the offseason Bradley Beal finally asks for a replacement? If Beal wants to win a ring in his spare time, he'll have to assert himself with another team this summer.

There are many teams like Beal who would consider asking for a replacement, and the Boston Celtics could easily be one. Beal is known to be close friends with Tatum, as both chains are from the St. Louis area and all chains attended the same high school.

Bradley Beal is four years older than Tatum, but appears to have formed an extrajudicial figure. With their extrajudicial relationship, Beal would be a perfect fit for a player like Tatum.

Unlike the other players on the list, Brown undoubtedly needs to be involved in Beal's trade