Video: Robert Williams sets NBA playoff record with 9 blocks off the bench

The Celtics put up a valiant effort last night in Game 1 versus the Nets, but once Brookln and their three All-NBA Players put their games into high gear in the 2nd half, they were able to come away with the win 104-93 win. Boston's chances were aided by Robert Williams being able to play despite having to be removed from the play-in game due to his recurring turf toe injury. He didn't practice the rest of the week, which makes his performance last night all the more impressive.

In addition to setting an NBA record for blocks off the bench in a playoff game with 9, Williams also tied the Celtics record set by Kevin McHale in 1983. And since that was during a regular season game, Williams also set the Celtics playoff record. Of course all shot block records come with the caveat that the NBA didn't keep that stat back when Bill Russell played.

Expect Time Lord now that he has an injury-free game under his belt to be promoted back to the starting line-up. At this point the key with Williams is not what he can do on the court, but if he can stay on the court. Injuries are the only thing holding the young center from being completely unleashed on the NBA.