Maine Red Claws rebranded as Maine Celtics

The Maine Red Claws which have served as the Celtics G-League team since 2009 are officially rebranding to the Maine Celtics. While the Red Claws weren't a minor league franchise to the Celtics like let's saw Pawtucket was to the Red Sox, they were the only G-League team the Celtics would send player under contract to play for. The difference between the Red Claws and a minor league baseball team is that on the latter all of the players have contracts with one major league team, while the majority of Red Claws players are NBA free agents. Since the team is connected with the Boston Celtics it makes sense to have both the Celtics nickname and colors, though many fans were attached to the Red Claws monicker. In order to keep a level of uniquness to their team the Maine Celtics will keep the red claw as their mascot and in the logo. Fans were quick to poke fun at the absence of red in the red claw logo and since the ribbing all seemed rather playful and good natured, we decided to join in the fun with the new Red Sox logo. But truth be told while I don't believe they are indigenoius to Maine there are green red claws in the world

See, a green, red claw?!

With the news that the Maine Red Claws are now the Maine Celtics, what are your all time Maine Red Claws 1st and 2nd teams? Can include any player who played a game for them.

These 4 should be in the mix. While his NBA career has yet to take off, Tremont Waters won a G-League Player of the Year award playing in Maine last season, so he deserves a spot on one of the teams. I'm sure there are other players who dominated in Maine that deserve spots, even if they never had success in the NBA. Fab Melo had some monster nights up in Maine for one. Might need to make three all-time teams on second thought.