This weeks takeaways: Boston rides a 3 game win streak into this week

Via Getty Images

Boston started the week on a disappointing loss to Philly, not because they lost, but because of the way in which they lost. The team showed little fight on Tuesday night up against one of there rivals in the league. That game started to ignite some pushback on Tatum and his potential with many talking heads calling him out, and that only continued on Wednesday night against the Knicks where he was accused of having bad body language. This negative press seemed to have had an effect on the Jays and the team as a whole. 

After the Philly game, the C’s still started out slow in the next three contests, but were dominant in parts of the second halves of each as they made there push to finish the games. This should be encouraging to Celtics fans everywhere, as even though they started slow, they’ve done that all season but up to that point have not shown they are capable to going on big runs and make stops simultaneously to get into or keep games close. 

Jayson Tatum has been on a tare since the All Star break and this week caught absolute fire. Jaylen has been not too shabby himself and has been a force at times.  

Another positive note is Tristan Thompson has been great since returning from COVID-19. He has been a force in the paint on offensive rebounds and holding his ground while coming off the bench to allow breakout RobbWilliams to get the starts.  

After the game Sunday afternoon the C’s were in a three way tie for 5th place but both teams have since won their games putting Boston in the 7 seed again. Boston still plays Charlotte and Miami twice the rest of the way and are just a half game back from jumping to the lone 5 seed and only one game from the 4 seed, though Atlanta owns the tiebreaker over the C’s.

This week the Celtics could be getting their deadline gift back in Evan Fournier which should further bolster their reserve scoring and playmaking. They get an AD and Lebron-less Lakers, underwhelming Golden State, and Portland this week.