LaMarcus Aldridge announces sudden retirement due to heart condition

Some sad news to report here as LaMarcus Aldridge has announced his retirement effective immediately. Aldridge was a seven time All-Star and five time All-NBA player who looked like he was finally going to get a shot at a ring this year as the starting center for the stacked Broooklyn Nets, but is making the wise decision hear to not risk things with his irregular heartbeat and to listen to the doctors' recommendation to retire.

Of course as Celtics fans whenever we hear about a player having a serious heart condition that brings back very sad memories. The last prominent NBA player that I can recall that retired earlier due to a health condition was Chris Bosh. Best wishes to LaMarcus in his post retirement life.

Basketball wise this makes the Nets slightly less dominant and opens up a window for other contenders. Joel Embiid and the 76ers for instance now pose an eveen greater threat. The Celtics could be a threat, but that would mean that all eight of their top guys would need to be healthy and I can't count on that right now. We shall see.

Prayers to Aldridge and his family. Sounds like he will be ok, but prayers never hurt.