Jayson Tatum is shooting 50/41/90 in his last 18 games

Despite the talking heads, one in particular, saying Tatum should take a hike, Jayson has been on an absolute offensive tear since the All-Star break and ultimately since recovering from COVID-19. Certain media and fans see some of his shots and think they’re bad shots and go off on him, but what they’re missing is that superstars take shots like that because they make them and because they’re comfortable taking them.

Dame and Steph take 35 footers in transition with 22 seconds on the shot clock with two minutes left in a close game. They don’t make them all, but I wouldn’t knock it because they shoot ridiculous percentages on those shots and are confident in them. Jordan and Kobe took countless turnarounds with the clock expiring with teammates in the corner open. Our own Paul Pierce took those same fade aways and step back threes down the wire to put the C’s on his back even with KG and Allen around. Superstars takeover games, and Jayson Tatum can and is doing that right now. As a fan of teams these players are on, you live or die with those shots because these guys are the best shot you have to win a game. That shot Tatum took at the end of the game for any other player on the roster is a terrible decision and shot, but JT can make it and has insane confidence that he will make it. Tatum has the killer instinct so many people talk about. 

18 games since All-Star Break:

27.4/7.2/3.8 on 50/41/90 https://t.co/XwcUIxfRls

— Max (@lissmx14) April 14, 2021