Evan Fournier could return tonight vs the Nets; 3 Celtics starters out

Many people are speculating that Evan Fournier will make his return from Covid tonight versus the Nets, but we'll wait until we hear for sure from the Celtics to confirm back. Other players have been taken off the Health and Safety Protocols list only to still need a few days to get back into game shape.

But if Fournier plays that will be a big boost for the Celtics who are playing the first place star studded Brooklyn Nets. Brooklyn will be without James Harden and possibly Kevin Durant as well, but Boston will have three starters missing in Jaylen Brown, Robert Williams, and Kemba Walker.

Regarding Walker, I've seen people complaining about him not playing in back-to-backs still, but that's silly in my opinion. There are no back-to-backs in the playoffs. Why suddenly mess with a program that has worked all season? A program that every NBA team does. Most teams rest their stars and vets at the end of the season anyway. So with only a few back to back games left to go it would be foolish to experiment with Kemba playing both ends. Why risk an injury so close to the playoffs? I want 100% Kemba for the playoffs. The Celtics NEED 100% Kemba in the playoffs.