KG goes off on Taylor after bid to buy the Wolves ends; Taylor: "Kevin never contacted me at all”

Well someone is lying. Kevin wasn't called the "Big Ticket" for nothing. He was a must watch player and he made a lot of bank during his playing days. According to Garnett he had a deal in place with Flip Saunders before he passed that once KG retired he's have a management role and an ownership stake. After Flip passed, Glen Taylor decided not to honor it. Again according to Garnett. Since then you've had a lot of vitriol coming from KG towards the Minnesota owner.

It seemed the two parties were going to play nice when it came out that the Wolves were up for sale in 2020. KG had enough money that not only could he be the face of his ownership group, but also likely own a decent percent. Now they still needed to produce the best bid, or at least close to it. Not sure what happened (Maybe KG's group did produce the highest bid for all we know), but today KG let us no it wasn't happening and blamed Taylor. And Taylor said, "Kevin never contacted me at all." So either someone is lying or Taylor is playing word semantics. Is he saying KG never personally called him? Because that could be the case, but when buying a house the prospective buyers rarely talk to the sellers.

Taylor had to know KG was part of a group that was interested and bidding on the Wolves right? Unless I'm missing a story about dementia or something (Taylor will turn 80 in April)? Anyway I don't know either man personally, but I've obviously followed KG a lot more and him lying makes no sense here.

KG's former championship teammate in Boston Kendrick Perkins showed his support for Garnett after the news broke. My guess this will also become a topic of race as Michael Jordan is the only Black 'owner" in the NBA. The NBA recently changed the term to "governor" which is confusing because people own the franchises, but the word "owner" had too strong of a slavery connotation to those who pushed for the change.

KG says he will set his sights on Vegas and Seattle for presumably an expansion team. I'd be shocked if LeBron didn't own a team once he retires, but that's still a ways off. The NBA can't force the Spurs to sell to Tim Duncan, the Lakers to Magic Johnson, the Rockets to Hakeem Olajuwon, the Celtics to Larry Bird or what not. But the NBA does need to approve ownership changes, so they can definitely favor a lesser bid from let's say KG's group than a competitors.

One thing to keep in mind is that when one says "NBA" you're talking about the 30 owners/governors. So for them to approve a lesser offer could then bite them in the behind when its their turn to sell.