Video: Draymond Green goes off on NBA for perceived double standards

Never one to hold his tongue, Draymond Green went off on the NBA today for what he considers a double standard. Teams can tell players they won't play them and that they should just show up in street clothes from now on until they are traded, but when players want to force their way out they get "castrated." Using James Harden wasn't the best example since he acted a fool, showed up late to camp, and half arsed it on the Rockets this season, which Green admits. But its true there is a double standard to some extent. Players even when they reach free agency and have earned the right to choose where they go, get skewered when they choose to leave.

Front offices are allowed to make business moves whether that means trading a player who had no desire to leave or not re-signing him. But if a player like Al Horford for example gets a much better offer from another team, he is then criticized as a money grabbing traitor. So I'm more in agreement with the point that there is a double standard and players shouldn't get the heat they do for making their business choices, but I'm not feeling Harden as the martyr example. He signed his super max contract to stay. They paid CP3 to keep him there. Then when Harden wanted a change, they swapped CP3 for Westbrook. Still wasn't good enough. Not enough of a super team. So he acts like a jerk so he can go to his preferred location.