It's Super Bowl Sunday; Time to snag a wing Danny

When you're seeing very big frontcourts of Semi Ojeleye, Daniel Theis, and Robert Williams, it might be time to add another wing. Same goes for the line-up we saw a quarter later which had Payton Pritchard joined by Kemba Walker and Jeff Teague. Now why didn't Brad Stevens balance these out? Well that's on him. But the main point here is the Celtics have two great wings in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown and that's where their depth at that position ends.

Grant Williams is a 4 in today's NBA. Semi Ojeleye as well (though honestly he should be on the bench). The Celtics only had 3 wings last season, but when you have the Jay's and Gordon Hayward as those wings, depth isn't as big of an issue. But it's Super Bowl Sunday and Americans everywhere are grabbing wings. Sure the NBA trade deadline isn't until March 25th, so what's the rush right? Well often times when you wait until the 11th hour nothing gets done.

Not saying Danny needs to trade two first round picks for some great wing. Just a servicable wing will do. They typically cost you an expiring contract or TPE and a 2nd rounder. The cuurent Celtics are too ballhandler and bigs heavy with a glaring weekness at the wing. This in a NBA era where wings are the things. You have Kemba, Pritchard, and Marcus as point guards. Tremont Waters in a pinch. There's your open roster spot. Dump or cut Teague and bring snag a wing. Today would be a good day for it.