All the King's Men (fathers) want Marvin Bagley III traded out of Sacramento

Looks pretty good in green and white huh?

First off, hat tip to Robert Penn Warren for the title to this post. While the Sacramento Kings are not actively looking to trade the man they picked over Luka Doncic in the 2018 draft, it looks like a couple of the team's primary players' dads wish they were. One being Marvin Bagley III's dad, who my math skills tell me is Marvin Bagley II, and the other being the father of the team's star point guard DeAaron Fox.  If you recall the youngest Bagley played for at least three high schools during his teen years before his one year at Duke. So it wouldn't be a major reach to gather that his father quickly grows disillusioned with his talented son's coaches. Coach Bagley had issues with Kings coach Dave Joerger during his son's rookie season. Bagley's dad requesting a trade should come as no shock to Luke Walton who took over in Sacramento last season.
The crazier part is De'Aaron's Fox's dad Aaron chiming in with the "Trade him" tweet.

Side note: I wonder if Marvin Bagley II considered naming his son De'De'Marvin?
For their parts neither of the Kings' players have chimed in with any trade requests for themselves or any of their teammates.

No one would accuse the Celtics who have started out with a 4-3 record as looking like a well oiled machine so far this season. One of the issues has been the team's use of two traditional bigs together on the floor. You simply can't do that for longer than tiny stretches in today's NBA unless you have super athletic bigs who can guard perimeter players. For all their positives neither Tristan or Theis fit that bill.

Even players like Zion or Anthony Davis play best at center. Shoot, Marvin Bagley III would be best suited for center minutes. But at least Bagley would give you a more suitable defender at the 4. Would Ainge be interested in Bagley? The answer as it is almost always would be yes, depending on the price. I think the extra dad noise is annoying, but wouldn't be a deal breaker. The bigger issue is if Bagley was uncoachable or more specifically had serious issues with coaches like former Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins.

Hypothetically Bagley III would be quite a nice addition for Boston with that fancy traded player exception. Of course the Kings just wouldn't give him away. Boston would need to include something of value back. So break out the trade machine and come up with some Bagley to Boston trade ideas for the trade deadline!