Who Rocked It Best? the Santa Hat Edition

Happy Holidays, Celtics Lifers!  As a bonus for the week, we give you another Who Rocked It Best: the Santa Hat Edition!  

Over the past few years, the C's have paid regular Holiday visits with some local communities and organizations, including the Boston Children's Hospital, among others.  At these events, the Celts don their Santa Hats and spread some fun, gifts, and Yuletide cheer.  

Take a look at the gallery below and let us know, Who Rocked the Santa Hat the best?

#1. Santa Paul

#2 - Ray Ray and Un-perky Perk 

#3 - Rondo's Rides

#4 - Tatum Asking for Bradley...  to Grow Another 2 Inches in height

#5 - Quality Time with Kelly

#33 - One more - Larry, to join this, you need to wear a... never mind.

Enjoy the Holidays and the new NBA season, CLifers!