Video: Jeff Teague talks about how Brad Stevens changed his life

Wasn't aware that Jeff Teague and Brad Stevens had history together, but as we've found over the years that back when Stevens was at Butler he met a lot of future NBA players on the recruiting trail. The fact that Teague has repeatedly thanked Brad many years later about his advice regarding his grades shows just how powerful Stevens was with getting the message across.

Now the question remains whether Stevens can "save" Teague's NBA career, which has been on a downward spiral the past few years. There were accusations of selfishness and Teague just doing his own thing in Minnesota and the Wolves seemed happy to just get rid of him in a trade with the Hawks where he backed up Trae Young. In Teague's defense the Wolves have been a mess for quite a while, so if Teague can get back on track this season that blemish should be taken with a grain of salt.

As what happens with age, players regress in their 30's, but Teague could be on his way to a rejuvenated season if last night's first reviews are any indication.