Green Envy: What Grizzlies fans said 12/30

Another game, another win. Although you might feel a bit sorry for a humiliated Grizzlies team and its fan base, we won't deny you the joy of this year's final Green Envy.

Dealing with the loss of Morant

Grizzlies without Ja for the next 5 weeks is going to be ugly to watch

Terrible game with no Ja - thought they’d play around him with fight but got destroyed by a solid Celtics team.

Grizzlies really aren’t nothing without Ja huh?

The Grizzlies without Ja might have the worst offense in the league. I love Slow-Mo but idk if he can be your table setter for long stretches of time.

Grizzlies might lose every game without Morant. They look awful

This Grizzlies team might be in last place by the time Ja returns

Grizzlies gon have to call up some gleague players tomorrow. Too many injuries now . Shyt getting ridiculous.

Grizzlies really worse than the knicks without ja

Jaylen's career night

Jaylen has 24 in the 2nd ... lord have mercy on the grizzlies

Which begs the question. Would you trade Jaylen Brown for the entire Grizzlies roster - Ja?

jaylen brown has forty fucking three against the grizzlies dawg wtf

Jaylen Brown is now the owner of the Grizzlies

More lamenting

My Grizzlies getting washed on my birthday is something you really hate to see smh

grizzlies not getting enough electrolytes there are too many injuries

Grizzlies down 12 after one. Not sure what to tweet. It’s bad.

SloMo with 9 assists and 8 turnovers is that Grizzlies roster situation in a nutshell

At halftime, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum 40, the Memphis Grizzlies 40.

So like.. how many players do the grizzlies actually have available now that Grayson is out?

The Grizzlies don't have enough guys to even really empty the bench.

Grizzlies injury list looking like they give Ryan Hollins a call.

mfs in this grizzlies group on FB tryna convince me Dieng is a ‘decent’ 3pt shooter

I can’t watch grizzlies games cause everybody getting hurt I’ll be there in spirit

Charlotte Hornets will make the playoff before the Memphis Grizzlies book it

my 6 year old is so baffled by the grizzlies score i tried to explain the situation but he is too pure to comprehend "expected to lose"

Kendrick Perkins comparing the Grizzlies to a microwave dinner at halftime you hate to see it

Grant Williams has shown mercy and decided to take the night off

Good thing the grizzlies conveyed that pick to Boston last year.. could be a long season with all these injuries

The bright spot

Top 5 pick gonna make it worth it

My Grizzlies are without Ja and JJJ right now. We are definitely picking in the top 5 this year. Maybe we can finally draft a dynamic wing player

Grizzlies might be looking at a pretty nice draft pick this offseason...