Celtics Reddit Podcast (Ep. 108) | Prepare for Showcase Season

Which young Celtic is most likely to “pop” and become a reliable contributor or a legitimate asset to help the Celtics use their Traded Player Exception? Is Hayward’s departure indicative of his lack of confidence in Tatum and the Celtics’ championship aspirations? This week we deep-dive into @LarBrd33’s “Showcase Season” piece, outlining the top candidates to showcase their value to not only the Celtics, but potentially the entire league. Plus, a Celtics Reddit recap, including the underrated Tristan Thompson contract and some very speculative pre-season predictions.
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0:30 - Announcing u/LarBrd33 joining the pod, and ongoing collaboration with CelticsLife.
9:30 - Welcome to Showcase Season - which young players are likely to "pop" and either contribute or become tradeable?
39:30 - What Gordon Hayward's departure says about the rest of the team.
48:50 - Celtics Reddit Recap, including why the Tristan Thompson signing is so underrated.