Video: Myles Turner works out with Celtics

Here is the video Celtics fans have been talking about this weekend. Myles Turner posted it to his Instagram and tagged the two Celtics big men he was working out with Grant Williams and Tacko Fall.

Turner has been the apple of Celtics fans' eyes for a while now. There has been some talk about the Celtics somehow trading Gordon Hayward to the Pacers and receiving Turner in return, but it should be noted there are zero legit rumors out there that this would appeal to Indiana. Turner fits the prototype of the modern NBA big man, while the Pacers other post player Domantas Sabonis has more of an old school game. With a new coach, expect the Pacers to not be so keen to give up on the 24 year old Turner just yet. Especially not for a 30 year old.

With all that said, crazier things have happened, so I wouldn't completely dismiss the idea that Turner could be a Celtic this season. And watching 3-pointer after 3-pointer after 3-pointer swish in this video, one can't help imagine how much he'd help Boston. You'd drag the other team's rim protector outside, while also having a great option for a kick out on drives.