Lakers trade for Thunder's Dennis Schroder as Rajon Rondo appears to be leaving L.A.

In addition to trading Chris Paul to the Suns, the Oklahoma City Thunder have also agreed to trade NBA 6th man of the year runner-up Dennis Schroder to the Los Angeles Lakers. In return the Thunder will receive Danny Green and a first rounder (Didn't even know the Lakers still had any of those left to trade?) Schroder is definiley an upgrade over Green for the Lakers.

There's a rumor out their that the Hawks would like to pursue Rajon Rondo. Seems like an odd fit, since Playoff Rondo only works in the playoffs and not sure the Hawks are a playoff team this coming season. Rondo actually actually might be leaving the Lakers, but staying in L.A. as there have also been rumors tying him to to the Clippers.