Celtics sign Tristan Thompson

The Celtics reeling from the defection of Gordon Hayward to Charlotte Hornets today made a bid for the services of Paul Millsap, but he re-signed with Denver. But as we saw with the Hayward situation, things can change quickly. The Hornets can up their offer after a player spurns them. In the same token a player looking for his big pay day can see his market dry up and be forced to accept less so is the case with Tristan Thompson.

The deal is for two years and 19 mil Guessing the 2nd year is the dreaded team option. Tristan Thompson is a premier rebounder with an old school big man game. He's a better addition than Millsap in my opinion. This likely means we won't be seeing a reunion in Boston for Aron Baynes.

If you want a rather promising stat Thompson after only attempting nine 3-pointers in his first eight seasons in the league, shot 23 of them last year. While obviously a small sample he did connect on 9 of them for an impressive 39%. If he can make that a bigger part of his game, he can be a tremendous asset to the Celtics.
Researching Tristan, I'm getting way too much Kardashian nonsense:

Thinking Tommy would have loved Thompson's game on the Celtics.