Gordon Hayward signs with Charlotte Hornets

So much for that Myles Turner sign-and-trade offer from the Pacers. Waiting to see if it's a sign-and-trade and the Celtics get something back beofre going off on Ainge here. Hayward has always had interest in Charlotte. He previously signed an offer sheet with them years back, but the Jazz matched.

And before anyone goes the greedy route, remember Hayward took considerably less to sign with Boston in 2017 than was offered by Utah (also less after taxes than he would have received in Miami). The Hayward's like Charlotte. He previously signed an offer sheet with them about 7 years or so ago. And even though taking less money in 2017 hasn't exactly worked out for Hayward he still likely would have taken less yet again last night with Indiana. But Ainge haggled on the return, Harrell passed on Charlotte's lucrative offer to sign his wink wink deal with LeBron/Klutch and the Lakers. Then today MJ blew away Indiana's offer and it was no longer about taking less, but being a complete financial idiot.

While a dubious decision on the Hornets part, they could overpay for a free agent since they didn’t give up assets to get Hayward. Indiana could not in their right minds offer $100 million to compete AND have to give up Myles and either Dipo or TJ. Ainge overplayed his hand last night. Should have taken just Myles. Some reports say he wanted TJ Warren and Aaron Holiday.

The more Danny asked from the Pacers, the less Indiana could offer Hayward. It's why signing a free agent outright is so huge. You give up nothing, but money. Indiana trading Warren aand Myles and then paying Hayward $100 muillion would have been considerably dumber then the Hornets overpaying for a free agent.

Ainge should have settled for just Myles or Warren and locked this deal up last night before another team could up their offer to Hayward. Hayward will get to be the veteran leader on a Hornets teams that has some intriguing young talent. Guards wise they have Devonte' Graham who broke out in a big way last season to go along with #3 overall pick Lamelo Ball. They also of course have another former Celtic in Scary Terry Rozier. Miles Bridges is a promising young forward and P.J. Washington had a very impressive rookie season. Should be a fun team.