BREAKING: Gordon Hayward opts out of final year of Celtics contract

Developing (Refrsh for updates)... The Celtics are now 3 for 3 in max guys walking (Kyrie, Horford, Hayward). That is at least the thinking at the moment. The big BUT is this: The Celtics could wisen the F up and re-sign Hayward. Or they could acquire something good in a sign-and-trade deal IF and that's also capitalized, IF Hayward wants to go to a team over the cap. I don't want to hear about some sign-and-trade for nothing, but a trade exception (which often expire unused). Or worse where Boston has to cough up a 1st rounder to convince a team with cap space to trade us said trade exception.

If Hayward signs outright with a team with cap space like the Hawks or Knicks well that's the worst case scenario.