Former Celtic Chris Herren discusses overcoming drug abuse and using WHOOP to combat addiction

Herren whoop
Chris Herren was on WHOOP's podcast this week and talks about a myriad of topics, not just basketball wise, but about life or death.

Chris Herren was a high school and college basketball star who eventually made his way to the NBA, but also saw his career and life derailed by drug and alcohol abuse.

He joins the WHOOP Podcast to detail the highs and lows of his journey, from starting for his hometown Boston Celtics, to being pronounced dead briefly after a heroin overdose. Chris talks candidly about his struggles and how he eventually overcame them.

Now 12 years sober, Chris is one of the leading addiction prevention and recovery advocates in the country. He has started his own treatment centers to help people find their path to recovery, and uses WHOOP to help his clients rebuild their lives.

Definitely worth the 50 minute listen to the story of one of the top athletes to come out of the Boston area. Seven of the fifteen players on that Fall River basketball team feautred in the book Fall River Dreams ended up being addicted to heroine. That's crazy. Sounds like Herren has been clean for a long time now ("12 years sober") which is great news.