Doc Rivers agrees to coach the Philadelphia 76ers

Well that didn't take long. Just a few days after the Clippers and Doc Rivers "mutually parted ways," he was let go, Doc is now back in the NBA head coaching ranks. I'm more of a Doc fan than a lot of Celtics fans. We've only won one title in the past 34 years and he was the guy at the helm, so he's ok in my book.
This is a good landing spot for Doc as he'll bring some more organization to the 76ers. They are in a bit of a bind after paying big money to Tobias Harris and Al Horford last summer, but they do have talent and some options. They could trade Embiid and get a nice return, which would allow them to start Horford at the 5 and Harris at the 4. They could trade Horford for a talented player that's also on a bad contract. They could trade Ben Simmons also for a solid return.

Another option is to force whichever team acquires Simmons or Embiid that they also have to take on one of Horford or Harris. The notorious tanking 76ers actually were in a great spot future wise prior to getting the memo from the league to axe Sam Hinke. Since then they traded away two draft picks one being the Jayson Tatum pick for Markelle Fultz. Obviously no one could have predicted he'd completely lose the ability to shoot from the outside.

They then gave away Fultz for nothing. They also traded Saric and Covington for Jimmy Butler, but then let Butler walk, so they lost those assets for nothing. They traded picks for Tobias Harris and then overpaid Harris so they didn't lose those picks for nothing. They signed Al Horford to big money even though they already had a center in a league where you can't play two big men at once anymore. Just horrible management.

But even after all of that due to having two young All-Stars that could be superstars they have the potential to bounce back.