Green Envy: What Raptors fans said; (9/07)

Celts bring the defensive energy we thought they would in game 4 and proceed to rout the Raptors, win by 22 (111-89). The game was mostly in hand by about the halftime mark and Raps fans had only a little false hope. Their team being absolutely spanked, it was a quiet night for their fans over the internet so mostly some tame takes tonight. Let's see what they had to say! 

Top Comments

It's like I always say, as long as you're within 10 15 20 25 30 at the half you're good.

Our starters paid tribute to the Labor Day holiday by not showing up to work today.

If one of your friends PVR'd the game.
Just burn it for them and throw away the cable box.

The Best of The Rest

I just went through a tough breakup today, please Raps cheer me up with a W

This is the saddest game of basketball I've ever seen

lucky demar jersey now 9/10 in playoff games. been fun, but the boys are on their own now

I feel like I’m bad luck when I watch this series so for the next 2 games I wont want watch 😔

Raptors scoring 11 points in the 1st quarter is unacceptable. Offense was just straight up bad, but credit to the Celtics for playing well

Damn, Toronto is gassed out :/ Can’t take away that championship though!

I give up. They aint coming back, they lost this one. They should trade the whole team for a pack of smokes and fire everyone. It's over now. Unless they win the next game. Then I believe in this team, always did, never wavered (Way to bring it back)

God abandoned us in the first half ngl

Nick Nurse needs to throw some hands at Kane

Refs got it done tonight.

Dudes playing like they already ordered the Uber

lol i fell asleep in the second quarter
wtf is this (nightmares of the bottom)

So when did garbage time actually start in this game, mid 1st quarter?

Murder, She Wrote, also known as this game.

I really hope we pay Marc the vet minimum

If Matt Thomas just shoots bout 10 more of those bad boys in a row and the celtics don't score.. Right back in it

The highlight of the game was Matt Thomas scoring more than 4 of our starters

7 minutes left. OG can hit a 3 in 0.5 seconds. We potentially can score 2520 points

Whats with gasol and all the missed layups ? I understand hes old but damn

This would’ve been a good quarter if we weren’t down 27 to start it

Why doesn’t Boston play Tacko Fall anyone?
the last 0.5 seconds he played they lost mightily (Ouch)

We're gonna win cuz kanter is in (Hey, what! That was mean as hell)

Now to forget this game ever happened...

Hey if the Bucks can win a game 4 down 0-3 why can't we win game 6?

Onto the next. Nothing to take away from that shit show

They can't shoot this bad next game right? I think I need a hug or something (there there)

The positive takeaway is that we would have been eliminated if not for OG's heroic shot.

If I got to watch a Celtics Clippers final I ain’t going to make it through 2020

I guess there's always next year
Next game**** (No he was right the first time) 

Raps will win game 6
Aint no way we are playing like this again
We said that after Game 1.
And we almost won Game 2.
So you're saying you'll almost win game 6?

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