Green Envy: What Raptors fans said; (9/01)

The Raptors put up a much better fight in game 2 of our second round match-up but still ultimately came up short due to a Marcus Smart 3 point barrage and a few very untimely choking turnovers in the dying minutes of the game. Losing by only 3 points you'd think the Raptors fans would have been a little nicer to their players and coach but alas, such was not the case. Let's hear what they had to say!

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I was expecting the Lowry vs. Smart flop offs, but didn't realize Kemba wanted in too

Where tf are our calls (Maybe you forgot to pack em for the bubble. Check Jurassic Park)

Is Siakam our new DeMar?
-Nah, Demar's got a mid-range game.
-Holy wheres the burn unit

Lol Gasol Curry

Westbrook: terrible performance, blew it yesterday, don’t think you could have a worse game.
Pascal: hold my beer

Best of the Rest

Ill stay positive here.
OG played like a walking highlight reel today and he was so fun to watch (love the positive outlook) 

Is this the first time a team has not shot a free throw in a full half? Someone statistically inclined please help

This game hurt.

Where tf are our calls (Maybe you forgot to pack em for the bubble. Check Jurassic Park)

Man we trashed Kawhi for wanting PG over Pascal but despite PG’s poor performances in the first round he’s still better than Pascal in the bubble. Kawhi was right I hate to admit it

We are 4-0 this year when I comment in a game thread. LET'S GET THIS DUB!! (Someone ban this man!)

Summary of 1st half: the fix is in.

I love you Pascal, but you're driving me crazy lol
edit: RIGHT ON CUE LETS GO PASCAL (Nice to see the turntables)

Like Nurse said, everyone wants to go home. 

I think it’s time to admit that we’ve got our own Pandemic P (Spices don't spoil, they only get stronger my man)

Marcus Smart is not who I thought would hit 5 3s in a quarter. Fml (Welcome to the Marcus Smart experience)

Fred 3/11 from 3. I hope he had sex with someone about 9 months ago so he can turn it around (Wow that's some pressure)

I had a bad day and it didn’t get better. (Sorry bud)

Kyle showing he’s hurt so they call it a flagrant
You know, it’s only a flagrant 1 if they get hurt, according to that ref that one time (Refs am I right?)

How is the reffing worse than in the last game?!? Did the refs take the criticism as a challenge? (Scott Foster special)

How about we don't get beat by Robert Williams (I would recommend that too)

We better be getting some questionable foul calls in the 2nd half to make up for this discrepancy (That's the spirit)

Refs have been atrocious. I’m not the one to complain but god damn man (sounds like complaining to me)

It’s so awesome that we have zero free throws right now (Sarcasm will get you every where I guess)

Death, Taxes, Boston teams smacking Toronto teams in the playoffs. (oof)

I think the Tatum or Siakim argument can officially die now. (Finally)

This is just the beginning of the Cinderella story, right? (Hold the faith)

Siakam can be a good 2nd option on a good team .. Oh wait...

Pascal what are you doing baby

Pascal is getting exposed.. I love him as a person but he is just too predictable and too low of bball iq to be a number one in playoffs

"Where do you go from here" - "Back to Toronto for Game 3"

Alright I'm off the pay Fred train. Short PGs are a liability. (Two games was all it took huh?)

I give up on this series imo. I'm sorry. Best I can hope is we don't get swept.

I'm so embarrassed by the performance of our "#1 option" (Yikes, already?)

For everyone just blaming Siakam, you do realize your backcourt shot 3 for 16 from three right? And that the all star pg also bricked 2 FTs? (Those must have been painful to watch)

Games on Nick. That was a terribly coached game. (COTY Ladies and Gentlemen)

Well... its not a blowout like last time. Thats good news...

COTY doesn't call a time out there folks

We didn't deserve to win this game but I can't help but feel salty that Smart hit his threes and Lowry/FVV didnt... (Delicious)

Siakam in everyone's crosshairs but Fred sucked so much air out of the ball all night. No purpose with the ball and watching him and Gasol try to go Rocky and Bullwinkle was horrendous. (What does this even mean?)

Siakam playing like he learned basketball when he was 18

This loss is on Siakam. He is folding big time for us. Time to step it up or it’s next man up.

Trade Siakam and start building Giannis’ army. (Dream big)

I missed the game. It will be painful to watch the replay. (As not your lawyer, I'd advise you not to)

The way we've played Boston and the way pascal has played in the bubble I'm honestly scared were gonna get swept...

Cups of the rosé (Obligatory Drake reference)

Can anyone cover my shift? I’m not able to go in after this.

Hey kids today were going to learn how to say the word time out (LOL)

Let’s look at it this way. Last game, we lost by 18. This game, we lost by 3. That means, next game, we win by 12. /s
Please kill me now 

I remember saying last after last game "Marcus Smart should never have more 3s made than our entire starting 5". He had to go off 6/11 from 3 this game 😭 What's even worse is we were up by 10 at one point. Time to start Ibaka again Nurse!

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