GAME 7: Boston Celtics vs. Toronto Raptors (Heart Check time)

It's come down to this. It's never been more appropriate to use the phrase "Its win or go home time." Despite the experts not thinking the Celtics could compete for a championship this season, here we are. Like so many Celtics teams before this, Boston must fight its way through the playoffs. Nothing ever comes easy for winningest franchise in NBA history. Game 7 is where heroes are born. Who will it be tonight?

EK has been knocking it out of the park this postseason with his Celtics Life creations. I think the above is the best one yet.

Readers have asked periodically for a Game Thread in addition to the Shout Box, so feel free to use this as that. Post your pregame thoughts and whatever you like during the game below in the comments section. I will try and update this post with highlights and other game related stuff throughout Game 7.

Will leave you with our two mantras from the original season of Celtics Life: BLEED GREEN! LET'S GET IT!