Players looking for owner action on social issues; Lakers and Clippers vote to boycott season

Here is the latest from Orlando in a very fluid situation:

The NBA owners will be meeting tomorrow with no doubt the intent to come up with something to convince the players to stay in Orlando and complete the playoffs. Obviously it behooves both parties financially to continue, but I doubt very seriously the league has any desire to try and call the players on any bluffs. Sounds like a decent amount of the players are willing to give up money to walk away.

Players previously voiced doubts about even wanting to enter the bubble after the George Floyd killing, The NBA worked with the players association to convince players to play partly by adding "Black Lives Matter" to the court and social justice messages to uniforms. Players will be looking for a stronger reason to stay this time around. They want something other than slogans. Though NBA owners are billionaires its unclear how much change they can influence.

The players strength right now is that they appear to be a very united front. It's not just one player or one team. It's essentially all their employees.

Update: The Lakers and Clippers both voted to boycott the season while the remaining teams reportedly voted to continue. LeBron and the Lakers (and Clippers) walked out on the meeting.

One thing that is up in the air is whether the Lakers and Clippers have decided to leave now or the vote was to see what the consensus was and the majority will rule. I'm sure we'll get more clarity on this very soon.

Update: And here it is: