Green Envy: What 76er's fans said; 8/17

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The Boston Celtics beat the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 1 their opening round playoff series. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown led the way as the C's overcame their size difference with some strong wing play and an all-out effort on the glass. Let's take a look at what the Philly fans had to say about the loss! 


Fuck the celtics. (Well, that's not nice) 

Idk why I do to this to myself but I’m actually hopeful for this series. (That's more like it) 

We’re winning this series. Can’t promise more than that, but we’re winning this series. (You thought) 

This is one of those games where I wouldn't be surprised if we get blown out, or if we blow then out (Really going out on a limb there with that take) 


Our defense has given up 4 open shots to start the game... we’re lucky they’ve missed 2 Just draw fouls boys. Their bench is awful (Let me introduce you to a man they call Timelord) 

LMAO sorry C’s this isn’t the Garden you aren’t gonna get all of the favoring from the refs. Good luck (We own so much real estate in Philly fans' heads) 

Embiid is ready for this. Just worried what it’ll look like when he has to get a breather. Hayward can’t guard Tobias, Brown can’t guard Al and Theis can’t guard Joel. 

If we can just maintain shooting 87.5% we should be fine guys (Seems like a reliable strategy) Could this be...our year? (Literally written four minutes into the game) 

We need to be tougher on the defense, but other than that it’s not a bad start for us. 

I’d be so nervous if it weren’t for these pain meds I’m on (#PrayForPhilly) 

Embiid came to play. Celtics done pissed him off enough over the years. (By sending him home over and over) 

Amazing start, keep this intensity and this series becomes much closer than people predicted it would be. The celtics are riding 3s to start, you can only hold that heat for so long before you dry up. Our style can burn all night if they keep on pushing. 

Just saying, their bench is even weaker than ours. They have Smart and not a bunch else. We should be able to take their bench lineups with Tisse, Burks, Furk, and Scott. (When in the hell would those four players be considered better than the C's bench..?) 

Although Theis made that, if a Celtics possession ends in a Theis 3, that's a win. (We can say the same thing about an Embiid three) 

Turnovers will kill us. Must clean that up if they want to win 

I get that Theis isn’t exactly the defensive priority, but can we get someone to at least put hand up near him? That’s ridiculous 

Even more frustrating than the turnovers is letting them take open threes like that's not gonna be a huge advantage for them. 

Just have to hope Embiid's conditioning holds up. Dude needs to be the best player on both side for like 40 plus minutes

I hate this feeling. I think it’s called hope. (LOL) 

Literally all we could ask for so far. Just gotta keep defending their wings, driving to the hoop and drawing fouls and making smart passes (So...playing basketball..?) 

If we can stay competitive while Joel's off the court, we win this game, we win this series. 

Would you rather the Sixers offense clicking but with lots of turnovers or no turnovers but the offense sucking? (Both, honestly) 

Harris may never have been an all-star... but he's better than Hayward. (I repeat, you THOUGHT) 

I feel like we’re playing really well and are only up 1. TOs are killer 

They need to have Joel get into position down low. No more of that floating on the perimeter. 

This team was built for the playoffs, huh? (Yes) 

It's nice that Brett gets mad at turnovers but would be nice if he taught them how to stop making them.

We’re looking good but holding Boston to 33% from the floor is unsustainable, especially with how Stevens adjusts at half. Have to step on their throats early. 

You can see the Celtics miss Rozier and Horford. Their ball movement isn’t the same. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) 

Without Ben our style is so tough, we slowly build up leads mainly inside the post and then teams can get hot and make it all go to shit 

I'd rather be slightly down than slightly up going into the 3rd honestly (Losers mentality) 


I hope Brett is telling them to slow it down this next half. We can win if we stop the turnovers and feed Embiid thru the post. 

Do we think Embiid being tired was part of the lack of shots in the 2nd? A lot of the guys looked pretty winded near the end of the second 

Celtics are so good at trapping guys and they run these screens every play and we still haven't learned how to work around them, really dangerous when they can all shoot. need to get on top of that and get Embiid back in the paint in the second half. 

I really want Embiid to get to the line more he's such a force. If he's careful and patient they wont have a choice but to foul him. (Careful and patient, two words not normally attributed to Embiid)

We need to make defensive adjustments on Tatum, hes getting his shots like its a shoot around 

Two possessions in a row where Tobi stood still at the top and let Smart double up the post and turn the ball over....maybe go in the corner? Or move away so Marcus Smart can't do that?? 

Tatum is killing us. He keeps playing like this we’re gonna get swept. We have no shooters that can keep up. 

We’re a Ben Simmons away from winning this game. This is really hard to watch. As expected. 

If Tatum has the ball for more than 5 seconds within the three point line it's an automatic 2 

Have a bad feeling this is going to end up a 20 plus point loss. We look like we are starting to give up. Also have a bad feeling this might be a sweep. Without Ben we just can't guard them. 

Good news, Tatum taking over from Kawhi as the Sixers' Daddy. 

The secret to guarding Embiid is just to foul him and not get called for it (Cry about it) 

At this rate I'd be shocked of we win this game. Gotta be honest 

We don't have 1 player capable of dribbling the ball 

Another player gonna get a career high against us. (42 baby here we come) 

Al Horford and the Celtics...COLLUSION! 

Game isn’t as bad as y’all make it out to be. These guys are gonna get hot. That’s what good teams do. Ben isn’t the Boston stopper (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Making a run and a TO. Something that we've done the past two years with Brett. It stops all of our momentum

Nice spurt but I can't shake the feeling that if we weren't giving up the ball a disturbing number of times and giving up some inexplicable offensive boards as we tend to do, we'd have firm control of this game. Just gotta hope they tighten it up for these last 12

We can not let them grab 14 offensive rebounds in a game man... the turnovers were bad enough but there’s no reason they should be getting so many 2nd and 3rd shots 

Kanter standing between Embiid and Horford snagging O rebounds. Please god no 

How many games before the inevitable Smart-Embiid fight? I usually try not to complain about ref or announcer bias bc everyone thinks the bias is against their team but holy SHIT the ESPN announcers love the Celtics. It's literally making this game hard to watch 

Tatum. Bro. Who told you that beard was a good fit?

Tatum has the voice of someone who is 5'9" (and what is wrong with being 5'9"?!)

Harris hasn't made a single clutch three on this team. Not even one 

Tatum literally sounds like an uncool teenager (This is slander)

Somebody tell me how to deal with my rage (Root for a team that wins)

Remember when we were up by 4 and had hope, that was nice

I'd rather have Shamet than Harris (That seems reasonable)

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