Kevin Garnett attempting to purchase the Minnesota Timberwolves

KG who is the undisputed greatest player in Wolves' franchise history has thrown barbs at current owner Glen Taylor

Longtime Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor is looking to sell the team for at least $1.2 billion. He purchased the team for about $88 million back in 1995. Sounds like a pretty good investment. Forbes has valued the franchise at $1.38 billion. On cue we have reports that Timberwolves (And Celtics) legend Kevin garnett is looking to make an offer. KG has been taking a lot of shots at Taylor the past year or so based on an understanding that he had with Flip Saunders prior to Saunders' death.

If Taylor does decide to sell to KG and his investors, expect the two parties to play nice; the old adage you catch more bees with honey. My guess is the NBA would also like KG and his investors to be the winning bid, since right now Michael Jordan is the lone Black owner in the league. Of course some great players make great front office executives (Think Larry Bird and Jerry West), while others struggled (Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan). My guess is KG would want a say in personnel decisions, but maybe he just wants to be the owner and will let others make the basketball decisions. Obviously it would be awesome if KG took an active role in basketball ops and had success.

The Vikings owners are also reportedly interested in the team. Owning a professional franchise is quite the trophy business to own and even if you don't do well, you'll make money just by the continued rise in the team's value, so expect a lot of bidders. Taylor is adamant that he will be selling to a group that keeps the team in Minnesota, so those partaking in nba betting on when Seattle will get a team again to replace the Supersonics, will likely choose a different option. Seattle last had a team during the 2007-08 season, which of course was the Celtics last championship one won in large part by Garnett.

Regarding KG and Taylor squashing their icy relationship it appears to already be thawing some:

On Tuesday, another of Garnett’s posts to Instagram indicated he may be extending an olive branch to cease hostilities with Taylor.

“Regardless of past feelings with Glen …” Garnett said. “I would love nothing better than to become partners going forward in this great but masive [sic] rebuilding of a city that I deeply love! Putting the past to the side/focus on the now.”

In an interview on WCCO radio, Taylor was asked about potentially working well with Garnett. Taylor chuckled and said, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” But Taylor told the Star Tribune that if Garnett and his group were approved to buy the team, he would sell it to them.

“Then so be it,” Taylor said.

Kevin Garnett retired in 2016 having pocketed $326 million for his career, which was the most in NBA history. Add in endorsements and you can see why the Big Ticket can be a player in the bidding. Garnett was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame and is also scheduled to have his #5 retired by the Celtics.

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