Jonathan Issac stands out as lone NBA player to stand during national anthem

Jonathan Isaac caused a stir this afternoon when he became the first NBA player not to take a knee during the national anthem. All Lakers, Clippers, Pelicans, Jazz, Grizzlies, Blazers, Wizards, Suns, Nets and Magic personnel have taken a knee. Issac also was standing noticeably without a Black Lives Matter shirt on.

Expect a huge firestorm about this from every side with their personal news narratives. If I were to speculate, as one can only do right now, and what blogs are for, I'd guess that Issac does indeed feel that Black Lives Matter, but he's not on board with the politics behind the leadership of the group. Again that's just a guess. I'm sure he isn't the only one, but I imagine anyone who doesn't wear the shirt or kneel will face a lot of questions, so that's a factor.

I know I received dozens of emails from corporations the past two months about how they are donating to Black communities and that they want to say "Black Lives Matter." None of these corporations had previously emailed to show any support for the Black community for what it's worth. Again we'll wait to hear what Issac has to say, but two major news stories on both the Right and Left today will be about how NBA players knelt for the anthem and that Issac chose not to. Would be surprised if our president tweets about this either.

Update 5:18 pm:

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