Nikola Jokic and Malcom Brogdon test positive for COVID-19

A couple big names in the NBA have tested positive for the coronavirus the past two days. The news of Nuggets all-star center Nikola Jokic was released yesterday and Pacers star guard Malcolm Brogdon today. Brogdon has a Celtics connection in that he marched with Jaylen Brown a few weeks ago in Atlanta following the murder of George Floyd.

Malcom Brogdon and Jaylen Brown in Atlanta
Expect more positive results from NBA players as we approach teams reuniting in Orlando and thus more testing. As we've mention with all the NBA players who have tested positive, they obviously are young and in great shape, so should expect full recoveries (though the virus is still so young that no one can say for sure if it will leave any lasting health issues). The bigger danger is them passing the virus on to people much older and/or more vulnerable. Or of course passing it on to others who then pass it on to said older and/or more vulnerable people.

Again, expect to hear about more positive tests in the next two weeks. I don't think it will affect the NBA reboot, though the choice of Florida isn't looking so hot right now. As of this writing, Marcus Smart is the only Celtics player to have tested positive. Of course others may have and it just wasn't made public.

p.s. I hate this virus.

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