Commissioner warns that if lots of COVID 19 cases occur in bubble, season resumption will be shut down

As NBA teams prepare to reunite in Orlando next week (except for the Lakers who reportedly have been illegally scrimmaging together for quite a while now), we expected there to be a lot of positive test results coming in. NBA players have been tested, so they have the time to quarantine for 14 days prior to rejoining their teams. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has previously stated that he won't shut down the league if players test positive while in the Disney bubble, but according to AP writer Tim Reynold's there is the potential for another shutdown.

Personally I'd be very disappointed if a "lot of cases" occur inside the bubble. That would mean that either the billion dollar NBA industry's precautions ended up being poor or the millionaire players/coaches and/or their trusted family members broke from safety protocols and secretly left the bubble.

And while we've reentered a stage of rising coronavirus cases in America and people are being asked to go back to social distancing more vigilantly and stating home, NBA basketball would be a great distraction for said people at home. It would be really disappointing if the NBA let us down here. Maybe the virus is even more contagious and widespread than we feared and that could cause some positive cases to still pop up in the bubble.

But if everyone in the Disney NBA bubble does what they are supposed to be doing then we should be enjoying some fantastic NBA basketball again this August.

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