Jokic is on us; Nuggets all-star returning from hiatus with new body

With nearly three months off and no access to team facilities or gyms, you'd expect some professional athletes to reappear in much worse shape than they were prior. We even had this as one of our Quarantine Questions of the Day (Which NBA player will return from inaction having gained the most body fat?) Used "body fat," because scale weight isn't always the best measuring stick. One gan gain 10 pounds of muscle for example. Planned to have a second question another day of "Which NBA player will return from inaction having lost the most body fat?

Well before we could post that the favorite to gain the most body fat, turned the tables and has reappeared much much trimmer. Check out the transformation of Nikola Jokic.

Good for Nikola for making a positive out of negative situation. It would have been easy for him to go in the opposite direction and return in worse shape. Curious to see how this affects his game.

Meanwhile many of the rest of us while on lockdown:

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