Quarantine Question of the Day: What's the most unique pandemipurchase you've made since this started?

"I love lamp"
I remember a couple weeks ago Brian Scalabrine asked Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens if they had made any special quarantine purchases. Maybe a new putter, driver or whatever golfers spoil themselves with. Well now it's your turn. And no I didn't buy that car, though I did just pandemipurchase this nifty lamp.

Today's question:
What's the most unique pandemipurchase you've made since this started?

If it's Boston Celtics related then all the better. Feel free to comment with a pic if you're as proud of it as I am of my lamp!

Unfortunately we will have no recaps or Green Envy's for a while, so figured it might be fun and give people a distraction to debate in the comment section on a different question every day while we are stuck in this new normal.

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