Mike Gorman predicts NBA games will be played in empty arenas "sooner than people think"

Celtics broadcast legend Mike Gorman was on Toucher & Rich this morning and talked about the future of the NBA due to the Coronavirus as well as his own concerns.

Mike Gorman expects fans will soon be temporarily barred from TD Garden, as a result of the growing concern surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

“I think we’re going to be playing games in empty arenas pretty soon."

“My concern level is high. At the Celtic game the other night, a lot of people come walking by the table and they want to say nice things, which I’ve very flattered by how long they’ve listened, and they stick out their hands to shake hands. I just don’t want to shake hands with anybody anymore. It’s nothing personal, but I’m just trying to cut down the odds of being the one who gets this thing.”

“The first time an NBA player comes down with this, that’s really going to mess things up. If somebody comes down with it who’s directly associated with the team or a player, then they’re going to have to make some very interesting decisions in terms of who they quarantine.”

It should be noted that Mike Gorman is 72, so he should fear the Coronavirus more than a healthy young person. The NBA has already taken steps to protect its players by banning media from locker room. Media members were none too happy about that, but it's the right decision. I don't see the NBA closing its doors to fans in the next couple weeks, but I doubt there will be fans in stadiums come playoff time. There's also a sad, but fascinating scenario where a team might not be at full strength during the playoffs due to a Coronavirus quarantine for a player.

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