Boston Celtics briefed on Coronavirus

Kemba Walker when speaking to the media at practice had this to say on the pandemic:

"Everybody just needs to be a little cautious. I'm pretty sure I'm still going to sign some autographs, but maybe I'll just walk around with my own marker."

Blazers guard CJ McCollum has already stated he won't be signing any more autographs after the Coronavirus hit Oregon. Obviously the situation is fluid. In Italy the virus has hit much harder and sports teams were forced to play games in empty stadiums. The Chine Basketball Association has postponed league play. Right now business is as usual in the NBA, but there are no guarantees things won't get much more complicated.

I recall when Doc Rivers the Celtics coach during the Swine Flu outbreak and I remember him saying he was going to stop giving handshakes and do fist pounds instead.