Time Lord's return drawing near

The Celtics frontcourt is primed to get a big boost with the upcoming return of Robert Williams III, the aforementioned Time Lord. For a team that’s had some dinged up bigs all season long, this couldn’t come at a better time. 
When I saw this video, my jaw hit the floor. It’s been a long road to recovery for Rob since he hurt his hip, and this video shows that he’s not only healthy, but explosive. Having a healthy Robert Williams would be huge for the C’s, but having an explosive Time Lord would be even better. While Rob still isn't expected back until after the All-Star break, completing his first full workout since the injury is a major hurdle cleared. When Time Lord is at his most...timely, he provides the Celtics an edge and an attitude that’s hard to describe in print. It doesn’t show up on a stat sheet, and you’ll never see it in a box score. It’s hustle and heart, and it’s something that could push this team over the top in the second half of the season.  

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