Jayson Tatum is becoming a superstar before our very eyes

Former Laker Shaq gave Paul Pierce his nickname. Should another Laker's "Absolute Problem" nickname stick for Tatum?

Jayson Tatum went for another career high last night posting 41 points on LeBron and the Lakers. Unfortunately the Kemba-less Celtics lost, but if ever there was a game where the final score wasn't the main story it was yesterday's. The Celtics without their all-star guard went toe to toe with the Western Conference's top team and showed that they will have a superstar of their own if the two teams match-up in the NBA Finals.

Just reading the quotes from teammates and rivals alike, Jayson Tatum is no longer a potential superstar, but he's becoming one before our very eyes. Of course, he needs to keep it up for a little longer to get the label to stick, but he's not too far off.

This is the Tatum we were expecting after his rookie season. Last season was a step backwards if a step at all, but not he's right on course. To win in the regular season you need a very good team that plays well together and is well coached. To win in the playoffs you need all that, and also a superstar. Not just an all-star but a superstar capable of putting up 40 or 50 points and putting in the work on the other end of the court. Things are looking up for Tatum and in relation the Celtics title chances. Enjoy the ride Celtics fans.

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