Grizzlies acquire Justise Winslow in trade for Andre Iguodala

At just 23 yrs old, Winslow fill fit in nicely with the Grizzlies young core of Morant, Jackson Jr, and Clarke

Well the Grizzlies sure were wise to hold onto Andre Iguodala. They just needed themselves one tome Danny Ainge favorite Justise Winslow in their trade with the Heat. Looks like that Grizzlies pick is going to get even worse.

Not a huge fan of this trade for Miami. Iguodala is now 36 and if you're expecting him to be the same player he was during the Warriors championship years, you're headed for a disappointment. Interesting to see Memphis making smart move after smart move since they got rid of Chris Wallace. Shoutout to Celtics Life's TB727!

Iguodala is also getting a two year extension from the Heat, so he got to sit out half the season, pick his team, keep all his money for the season, and get an extension.

In another smaller trade the Hawks have required Dedmon to add to their center depth chart after trading for Clint Capela last night.