Green Envy: What Trail Blazer fans said, 2/25

The Boston Celtics bounced back from their Sunday loss with a 118-106 win over the Portland Trail Blazers. With Kemba Walker (knee) out again, Jayson Tatum (36) and Jaylen Brown (24) combined for combined for 60 points to lead the C's to victory. Let's take a look at what the Portland fans had to say about the loss!


Pray for Portland tonight, nothing wrong they’re just gonna slaughtered (It's healthy to have realistic expectations)

Game Time

Ant is doing so much wrong. He has lost his mojo and may never get it back.

And that is why at several times I hate KC...He get's so excited for the other team's run's. Barrett and Hurd would never do that together. (I thank the heavens every night for the broadcast team of Mike Gorman and Tommy)

Oh gimme a break that ain't a flagrant on Tatum

I'm sorry, downvote me if you want but CJ is a great passer and a better passer than Dame.

CJ shooting us out of this game. Fuck off with the hero ball. (And you'd rather give those shots to Carmelo Anthony...?)

Have our center always been bad in defending the 3 point shooter in pick n rolls? I remember kanter not being soo good. Same with whiteside. Or is it because centers are big and slow that in the NBA they usually don't switch in pick n rolls?

Wouldn't be a Blazer game without CJ getting blocked 3 times at the rim to meet his kink fetish of the night. (ew)

This is what people mean about Whiteside being lazy. He allows people to get screened and he NEVER steps up. Ever.

CJ's been cookin'

Smart kicks his legs out to the side on his 3's. Go back and watch around the 1:50 mark when he was calling for that foul.

Wow we love turnovers

Can't leave Tatum open from three. That's a bucket every time (This could have been said at any point throughout the game)

Ariza leaving Tatum too open at 3

If we get a lead by the 2nd quarter and blow it by the end of the half like we have done, what the past 4 games? I will literally stop watching (Wow you really told them)

Damn Melo just shoot that open 3 in which you are 41% from and 29% from 2 outside the paint on the right wing. (The Carmelo Anthony experience, giving up open looks to take contested midrange jumpers)

We’re playing so well, can’t believe we’re still in this (You aren't)

Looking for non bias opinions on Jaylen Brown, whats the trail blazers fans thoughts?

-----He's good

-----He's a stud (Surprisingly positive)

Mario can take a walk to Sassy's at half time for his birthday and I'll send a van cab for our Blazer Gaum friend to meet him there after the game and Mario can buy him some drinks. (Weird tangent)

Brad Stevens always looks like he has been victimized (Take it back)

Have the Celtics been a 3pt shooting team or is it just cuz they’re playing us?

You know if the NBA got rid of threes the positives we would gain would probably outweigh the negatives (Salty)

Ariza that was an easy lob to Mario. Why eurostep and run out the clock?

I have a bad feeling about the next few minutes

Have they revealed the trivia question yet? I been waiting on it, hope I didn’t miss it (Some people watch basketball just for the trivia questions

On a side note: Looks like Dame shaved his beard and is rocking the goatee again. Do you guys prefer the beard or the goatee? (Oh to be a lottery team again, those were the days)

Mario if you're gonna suck at least look like you care. (Words to live by)

It honestly sounds like there’s more Celtics fans in Moda than blazers

If Melo's not taking the shots with that lineup its a bad shot period

If Stotts knows anything he’ll bench Mario and never put him back in.

Does every team have their best 3 point shooting game of the season against us?

Does Whiteside lead the league in 3 second violations?

Blazers are my second fav team behind my C’s and I’m sad injuries ruined a great matchup tonight

Feels like every turnover ends up in a wide open 3

If I was a reporter I’d ask Stotts what Hezonja has done to warrant any play time at all.

Poor poor ball movement from CJ. Far cry from last game

We were on a roll until CJ makes an uninspired pass to Hezonja who gets blocked horribly which enables a quick transition 3 by Boston. Suddenly the blazers are completely demoralized and Boston is confident. 7-0 run.

Our team needs to be playing inside more right now. Melo post ups and Swanigan offense plays are actully working

Some buckets from the bench would be greatly appreciated tonight

Ant gets so much separation on those baseline stepbacks. He just needs to work on making the shot.

Can we just end the game before the bench comes in?

I swear Mario has the worst D when it comes to guarding threes. He legit puts his hand up after the three has already been shot.

Not getting blown out would be nice

Opposing teams just feast on wide open corner threes and we've done nothing to fix that almost 60 games into the season.

Whoever on the coaching staff runs the defense needs to be fired. After running the same defensive scheme for three years you would expect the kinks would be worked out instead of leading us to the 27th worst defensive team (Lots of kink talk tonight on the feed, not a fan)

Celtics calmly take an 18 pt lead

I counted this as a loss anyway (since I like many of ya'll went thru the entire schedule and put down Ws and Ls to see what we'd end up as) but still hate to lose this badly

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