Green Envy: What Jazz fans said, 2/26

The Boston Celtics finished off their West Coast road trip with a 114-103 win over the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night. The victory finalized a 3-1 road trip, without Kemba Walker, and solidified the idea that the Celtics can compete with anyone in the league. Jayson Tatum continued his stretch of dominance, as he finished the game with 33 points on 13-20 shooting and 11 rebounds. Let's take a look at what the Utah fans had to say!


Man who is guarding Tatum?? 14 points already? It must be Royce guarding him.

I’m a Celtics fan above all. however, i am from Louisville so i am following spida. he is my favorite player in the NBA as of right now. i love the jazz and you guys are my second favorite team. you guys gotta chill with the Hayward boos though. i’m active in this sub and i know you guys are passionate, but that happened like a really long time ago, let it go. (This game thread was very heavy with Celtics fans fighting Jazz fans, it was weird)

Donovan hasn't been himself ever since he was announced as an all-star (This take didn't age well)


Conley back on the floor, yikes, hope the Celtics don't pull too far ahead now

Theis looks so tiny compared to Gobert. (Theis: 16/7; Gobert: 9/9)

I'm from Australia so rarely get to watch, unless on weekends. By what is with Snyder's obsession of giving O'Neale huge minutes? He rarely shuts down the opposition's best PG... Start him, sure why not but honestly shrinking Clarkson's minutes when he has 20+ points to give O'Neale 33+ mins with little impact seems counterproductive from what was quite a progressive coach. (There was a real international flare to the fans on this thread)

What was that? there was no reason for Conley to foul on purpose right there. He's such a bad defender.

I’m honestly embarrassed that our fans are booing Hayward (You should be)

Clarkson picked a bad night to not be great

Why are the fans both booing when Gordon touches the ball and cheering when he scores (Celtics Nation babyyyyy)

I don't know if I can watch any more of this :( We are supposed to be the best team at home, and we are getting absolutely dumpster fire trashed on every game on a home stretch.

We're getting lost playing zone defense and not switching fast enough

Tatum is killing us. Someone stop him

These refs have seen enough of the jazz actually playing well lol

OMG they playing good again

----------oh, you jinxed it. (Hate when that happens)

It is becoming more fun to root against the Jazz. This is a sad, very sad time.

Is Gobert okay or is he doing a LeBron and saving his energy for the playoffs?

This team must have to choose before games what side of the game they’re gonna do well at. It’s the only thing that makes sense. We are yet to see this team play good defense and good offense in a game that matters this season.

Joe doesn’t look like himself out there

Can Bipolar disorder be given to an entire team? Did everyone catch Coronavirus over ASB or something?

Conley seemed like a good idea on paper, but it has just gone so horribly, terribly wrong

I'd Give Jae or Favs the MLE to come back so fast if either was interested. It would be a raise for Jae

If we didn't have Donovan Mitchell, we'd have a worse record than the Suns right now.

I’m sure Brad Stevens is nice but he puts off strong Mayor Pete vibes and it makes me want to punch him in the face. (Take it back)

Went home from work...Turned on the game...Saw that we only scored 15 points in the first...Immediately turned off the game.

Oh god, and now the crowds booing Kanter. WE'RE DOWN BY 11!

Tatum is a bucket. Wow

I think the main reason I'm against Joe coming off the bench is that he is such a confidence based player. He's gonna say that he'll do whatever it takes for the team to win but it's gotta hurt him a bet. We need Ingles running around screens and shooting 3's like he was in our 19-2 run, not this passive bullshit he's been doing recently

Jesus Christ. What happened to Mike Conley this season?

As a Jazz fan from St Louis (Tatum's home town), this game is everything I could ever want so far.

I think I'm turning this game off. Even if they end up winning, I don't care. I don't think I can handle to see how disinterested they seem out there.

Sad we all knew this run was going to happen because it’s the same run that has happened every game the past 4.

Complete meltdown. Marcus Smart is a Killer

I do not like Daniel Theis. (Well I do not like you)

I do not envy being Snyder right now. It seems that no matter what he try’s it doesn’t work. Has to be extremely frustrating

I guess the silver lining for that quarter is that our defense seemed to have picked up a little compared to recent games. But 1-12 for 3 is. just.. Yikes....

Thank god the Grizzlies are pretty far back in that 8 spot, or i'd be fearful of the jazz just missing the playoffs with this defense.

I’m not sure how i feel about continuing to boo Hayward after this long, but it seems to be working.

What tatum has done this past month is insane. Someone make the bad man stop.

So, we’re just done with points in the paint huh? It blows my mind that we give up layups for bricked threes. But hey, we can’t make layups either, so...

Y’all remember when all the mock drafts had us taking Marcus Smart or Aaron Gordon

we need to get Rudy involved. he’s been wide open multiple times and nobody has passed to him

Do any of you remember on The Office when Angela is talking headache medicine and she says she doesn’t have a headache yet she’s just preparing. That’s how I feel right now.

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