Green Envy: What Hawks fans said, 2/3

The Boston Celtics, without Kemba Walker and Marcus Smart, were able to hold off a feisty Atlanta Hawks with a 123-115 win on the road. The Celtics used a balanced scoring attack and were able to limit Trae Young in the second half. Let's see what Hawks fans had to say!


Hawks gonna need fans to sub in and eat some minutes with all these guys out. (Trueeeeeee)


Good start if u ignore those first few things

Trae is unbelievable. Human cheat code

Trae for 361 tonight

Trae hot tonight, we in for a ride BOYS

Every time Trae has a lot of points early y’all mention him finally getting 50. then he cools off significantly second half

Jaylen is good as hell (Put some respect on his name!)

Ok serious question. Is Trae Young the best player in the universe or yes?

Lloyd: “We can’t get into foul trouble.”
Hawks: “So, smack the shit out of everyone? Got it.”
Lloyd: “Wha-no..”

Stop these dumb fouls, we don't have bodies lol

We should guard that jaylen brown guy.

bruh i don't even flinch when trae makes these shots anymore

What would trae look like with dreads? (I can't imagine this is the right time to think about that)

Trae strippin' it hard but his D has been next level bad too.


Remember when Tatum shot like 2-15 against us earlier this season? That was funny (Not so funny now, is it?)

These dudes dancing look like our bench rotation

I'm so sick of Damian Jones

We cannot contain Kanter (Nobody can!)


It was fun while it lasted fellas

I can’t make fun of Tatum anymore :( (I told you you wouldn't be laughing for long)

Man if only this team could play defense we would be legit

Honestly a competent center would do so much for this team

Trae has been ice cold since the 1st quarter

LP the mastermind coach thought zone defense was a good idea when we had the lead... now look at the score

I’m just sitting here shaking my head at nearly every play this team makes. No clue what they’re doing. The most garbage, bullshit zone defense maybe ever. No one ever rotates more than once. Give them wide open layups after like 1 pass consistently. Bricking on the other end. They’re not even trying hard man

Is the 3rd is quarter cursed

Ok what is the defense for that kind of Tatum shot lmao

Our offense without Trae is almost unwatchable

Teague had no clock awareness in 2015 and somehow 5 years later he has even less clock awareness lmao (My name Jeff)

I mean we can’t really stop Jaylen in the paint

This game has gotten crazy sloppy. Tighten up.

We have gotten every opportunity to get back into this game this quarter and we keep blowing it

Can we go ahead and trade for Capela or Adams please. Team needs a rim protector so bad

So is this a home game or a celtics game? the crowd is giving me mixed messages.

Size wise, these matchups are crazy

Teague honestly isn't playing that bad but man is he terrified to shoot lol

Man the size difference is insane

Why is Evan Turner in the game? Is LP asleep?

It was a good run boys. Hopefully Teague carries this momentum forward from today. Definitely some positive from today.

Celtics come out of a timeout with a nice play design to get an easy layup, LP will come out of a timeout and throw it down into Vince Carter in the post

Trae Young is the next Andre Drummond. Puts up Empty stats and has no impact. (Oh boy)

God I hate Boston so much.

I swear if people actually cut and moved when Trae drives we'd be so much better

I still love you Trae, but you disappointed me tonight. Rest up and bounce back my guy

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